"Breathe, be well, be present"

At Vital Balance we strive to offer you a Holistic treatment experience.  We approach, view & treat the body as a Whole.  Our training is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

Registered Shiatsu Therapy


Shiatsu is an Ancient Oriental Therapy originating back 5000 years ago.

Traditionally, Shiatsu theory is based in Eastern Medicine which manages the root cause of illness opposed to Western Medicine focusing more so on symptomatic treatment.   The therapist works on the client through comfortable clothing by applying pressure to "tsubos" along meridian lines in the body.  By correcting areas that are too weak or too strong with the use of touch therapy, this allows the body to come back into equilibrium; improving overall health both in mind and body.  


Shiatsu has proven effective in human ailments to:

-lessen pain

-increase circulation

-promotes emotional stability

-strengthens the immune system

-manages illness through emotional and physical support

-reduces common complaints: back pain, headaches, stiffness, tension etc



"Lymphatic Drainage Massage"


Aromatherapy is a relaxing therapy that incooporates the use of  Essential Oils (EOBBD Certified) through the means of Lymphatic Drainage Massage. The combination of the oils & the effleurage results in the recipient relaxed, balanced & comfortable.


The quality of the oils is "essential" to there benefits. Generally, in order to ensure such, see that they have their "LATIN" name clearly indicated on the bottle & that they have "EOBBD" certification (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined).  Essential oils DO have strong therapeutic effects...therefore MUST be administered under a Certified Aromatherapist's supervision. Vital Balance abides under these quidelines and qualifications.


We have a full dispensary that we can custom mix oils for you specific to your needs and coach you on how to use these wonderful remedies in your home.  


Anti-Gravity Yoga



Zero Gravity Yoga is a complete mind body workout. ZGY is intended to work the body from head to toe stretching and strengthening the muscles while also allowing for zero compression inversions that help decompress and realign the spine. ZGY uses a hammock apparatus as a prop to help deepen and support you in poses. 
Break away from the everyday weight of gravity and come FLY with us!